Aqours Live & Fan Meeting in Taiwan Report

Aqours Live & Fan Meeting in Taiwan Report

On February 10, 2018, Aqours held their live and fan meeting in Taipei International Convention Center (TICC). This also marks the first time that all 9 of them are in Taiwan.

As early as 2 a.m. in morning, eager fans have started lining up to buy merchandise for the event. Even though it was announced before hand that it would start at 10 a.m., fans endured rain and temperatures reaching as low as 10°C to get coveted merchandise. One merchandise in particular, the red Aqours Club parka, the most coveted item sold out within just 30 mins of the line starting!

While in line, members of Taiwan Road Rail, were behind me preparing the pamphlets to be handed out before the event. There were only 2 of them and they were trying to pack 300pcs. of pamphlets.

There was still 4 hours before the merchandise line started, I went and offered help. Shortly after we started working, those around us also offered their help. The small group of 2 suddenly became a group of 12, preparing the pamphlets for the event later that day. Time flew by fast that by the time we finished we have burned 2 hours of waiting time doing something productive!

Inside TICC, there weren’t much to do other than the buy merch, look at the flower stands by the fans, drop off gifts, and SIF Petafes. SIF Petafes consisted of 3 parts. First one required you to have or install SIF on to your device to receive stickers. Second was to do a 10+1 Premium Scouting on their machine, where getting a UR would earn you a screen cleaner. The last part was to play a song on a 32″ screen with any difficulty, another stickers was given just by completing the song. Another thing that can be done within the lobby was to get the Taiwan exclusive stamp! Shout out as well to the organizers of the DDPH flower stands!

By 1 p.m. and 6 p.m., they started to let people in the auditorium. VIP and S seats were giving blue and red bandannas as giveaways. My seats were in row 11 and row 29 for the afternoon and evening shows respectively. The auditorium was small enough that even the last row for S seats were relatively good seats!

Row 11 seat
Row 29 seat

Live and fan meeting


Both sessions started off with the short version of Landing Action Yeah! After the song, they gave a short message with regards to the recent tragedy that hit Taiwan. This was followed by their introductions, call & response, then a short MC talking about various things. Chika is Taiwain’s world poster girl, so Anchan was the MC for this event. Arisha, Anchan, and Aikyan (GuRinPaa) all had their call and response in Taiwans foreign language!

Afternoon:  During Osuwa’s intro C&R; Aikyan started dancing that swimming dance thing. Aiai followed right after and the 2 danced til it ended. Before Osuwa started picking, Arisha faced her with opened arms and Shuka followed shortly after. Osuwa hugged Arisha and Ainya joined in shortly after. During Arisha’s C&R; Aiai got tickled by Kyan, so frrn tickled back. Kyan then tickled King then Frrn and King ganged up tickling Kyan. During King’s C&R; instead of doing a maru, Aiyan did buubuu. Then Aiai told Kyan to do a maru. Frrn, while still in maru, ringed it over Aikyan’s head up to her her waist and Aikyan did the same to Aiai. King got distracted in her C&R that she ringed Aikyan too! They all talked about the food they they wanted to try while in Taiwan. This included things like tapioca, ma you ji, and dou hua.

Evening: Instead of talking about food they wanted to try like, each subunit did their intro in Taiwanese! Guilty Kiss, except for Rikako, were prepared for this and went ahead. CYaRon! followed shortly after asking the translator how to say theirs. The translator worked with the crowd in order to give the proper translation for their introduction. Azalea did the same, but theirs being more complicated that the rest because of the length of their introduction.

Aqours meeting! (Fan mail)

The fan mail that they read out during the segment had the same themes for both sessions. One taking the project for meeting special people, another talking about the seiyuus, another talking about Kanan’s birthday that day, and another talking about the up coming Valentine’s day.

Afternoon: During the afternoon, they talked about how Anchan and Shuka tend to attract each other with the events happening. For Kanan’s birthday, they used the handy cam and each member gave Kanan a short greeting. Suwawa skipped over Ainya so that she would be last, Ainya looked confused when Osuwa skipped over her. Of course this led to the 2 hugging it out at the end.

Evening: The 2nd letter asked about the physical training they do. During this segment they pointed out how waving pen lights would be a good exercise. Aikyan and Rikako tried to balrog holding 3 fan meeting blades in one hand!

Game 1

Afternoon: The afternoon session had members drawing the subjects which they will pull out of a box. The other members then would need to guess what the drawings are. Completing this would mean that they would get a prize! The subjects they had to draw were golf, baseball, steam engine train, Mari, otter, gorilla, frilled neck lizard, rhinoceros beetle, and status of liberty.

Out of all the 9 drawings, they only failed to guess Kinchan’s drawing which was the frilled neck lizard. However, Aikyan managed to guess Kinchan’s drawing, but since it wasn’t unanimous, it was not counted. Rikako also drew Kinchan’s subject after the game ended. (I tried to recreate their drawings)

Kinchan’s frilled neck lizard
Rikako’s frilled neck lizard

Evening: The evening session had a member guess what another member thinks about them. Other members would also share that they like about them. Completing this would mean that they win a box of pineapple cakes! Arisha was so excited seeing the prized and rushed towards it taking a bite of it as well.

First one up was Shuka. Rikako who said how much she loved her laid back attitude. Rikyako then did the “I looooooooooooove you” line similar to the scene in season 2 episode 13. This made Shuka super embarrassed making her all red and had to bury hear face in her arms and later on Ainya. The first years collectively said that Shuka reminds them of a puppy and ended with another “I looooooooooooove you”. Shuka replied how they should just make her Aqours’ pet. In the end Shuka had to guess what Arisha liked about her. Shuka eventually got that Arisha thinks that she has a nice body becuase of how athletic she is.

Next one was Anchan. Majority of the members highlighted how much of a great leader she is. Rikako also said how much of a “papa’s girl” she is! Kinchan said that she liked how Anchan’s lips reminded her of mouths from anime. This was a treat for all the Anchan fans as they zoomed in to Anchan’s lips while trying different words. Anchan had to guess what Ainya thought about her. She got it right and complete the game!

Game 2

Afternoon: Next part had each member act 2 topics and have the audience vote which one is better. To vote audience would have to raise either Mikan or You color with their cyalumes.

The first topic was between an oneesan vs. imouto saying “wo ai ni”. Notable things that happened for oneesan skit was Aikyan did a Dia impression for her turn. Arisha then responded to her skit with her “buu buu desu wa!”. Aiai did her famous “sexy home tutor” for her oneesan skit with Aikyan joining shortly after.

Next topic was “Coming home tired and your significant other goes ‘Oide..'” vs “Failing to create chocolates and your significant other goes ‘i dont want the chocolate, i want to taste you'”. These topics were Anchan’s and Aiai’s skits during the Nagoya fanmeet.

To Aiai’s surprise, the other members left her and said that she should do it to everyone. As she started, Ainya and Anchan couldn’t stop lauging at what was happening. Everyone’s expression while Aiai was telling them “I want to taste you” was hilarious! As Aiai was saying it to them the members were slowly moving away from her and ran away as soon as it ended or gesturing to slap her.

They then did the same for Anchan, that she would do it to everyone instead. Kinchan was one of the first ones, she tried to “kiss” Anchan and Kyan also did the same during her turn. Ainya was bright red after her turn with Anchan, she literally melted in Anchan’s arms. Everyone played their role of going home tired, but Rikako went in all genki with open arms and a huge smile on her face repeating “tadaima”. At the end, Anchan played the tired role with the rest of the members waiting for her to greet her!

Evening: This segment was a combination of pictionary, charades, and telephone. They drew lots in order to know their position in the line, the first person would get a word, where she has 5 seconds to act out to the next person, who then had 5 seconds to draw it. Then, they would go back and forth between acting and drawing until they got to the end and the last person would need to guess what the word was.

The word was marriage, it started with Suwawa, and Aikyan would have to guess. Suwawa acted out walking down the aisle with a bouquet. Arisha got it and drew a bride but did not have enough time to draw the groom. She still continued drawing the groom even though she had no more time. Kinchan got it and acted out showing off a ring to Rikako. Since it was Rikako’s turn to draw, the audience went up in an uproar anticipating what she would draw. Rikako’s drawing looked more like a princess, and when Shuka saw it, the meaning has now changed. Shuka did some twirls, pointed out the crown, which Anchan understood. Anchan’s drawing was rushed but Aiai was still to understand that it was a princess. Aiai waddled around the stage and pointing out a crown-like thing on her head for Ainya. Ainya then an abstract blob with arms and legs with a crown as she did not completely undestand what Aiai acted out. Aikyan was unsure with Ainya’s drawing but guessed princess regadless. They retraced their steps see where the word changed, and found out that it was in Rikako’s drawing that changed the meaning. Her drawing was fine but it was the lack of time that led to the incomplete meaning. It was visible that Arisa was comforting Rikako about what happened.

Arisha -> Rikako -> Anchan -> Ainya

Live portion

Before the fan meeting, I already had a feeling that the set list should be the same one as the Nagoya fan meeting.

Things kicked off with the opening song to Love Live!! Sunshine! season 2, Mirai no Bokura wa Shitteru yo, followed by Daydream Warrior. If you watched the anime and the Happy Party Train Tour, you would know how hype these 2 songs that opened the live portion are! Daydream Warrior in particular has such a dynamic choreography led the the Cool girls (Rikako, Arisha, Aikyan). It was refreshing to watch Daydream Warrior again live and closer than before making me appreciate how good the choreography of the song is.

During the break, they were to show off their outfits. Anchan did the afternoon show and Ainya for the evening show. Anchan did her C&R, she would call out “Kan-Kan!” and as the audience replied “Mikan!” Aqours would turn slowly. Ainya did it with a “sha-sha-sha-shiiiiiiiiiny!” and would turn as they were saying it. They all emphasized how sparkly certain parts of their costumes are. Rikyako spent a good amount of time pointing to her torso showing off the glitters.

Next song they performed was Happy Party Train. As with the past fan meeting, people were anticipating this song in hopes to pull of a KananRail. As the song reached it climax, the KananRail was successfully pulled off! There were random UO’s popped but not enough to make it stand out. It was a sight to see. During the evening show, they did something I personally did not expect. They changed out Happy Party Train for Koi ni Naritai Aquarium! If you haven’t been following the previous fan meetings, this is the first time that they changed a song that was not the fan voted song! As with Happy Party Train and KananRail, people prepared for this song in order to pull off YousoRoad during You’s solo. They pulled this one off as well with barely anyone trying to ruin it. From my point of view, I saw none, but there are people who said there were a couple near the front.

Step! ZERO to ONE was the next song before. It was a refreshing feeling to get see this song live again after Aqours 1st Live. The next set of songs that came up next were a trip back memory lane as they were very reminiscent of the 1st live.

At this point in time, the next song would be voted for by the audience. For the afternoon session, Taiyou o Oikakero! won the vote with Sunshine Pikapika Ondo coming in close secode. This made the afternoon setlist similar to the afternoon session of Nagoya fan meeting as well. For the evening session, Sunshine Pikapika Ondo finally won the votes. This was the first time the Sunshine Pikapika Ondo was performed for a fan meeting! Sunshine Pikapika Ondo was such a playful song to watch as there was not much choreography for that song. It was visible that Aqours were enjoying themselves with the song moving around the stage.


As with any live I’ve been to, watching them live is such a unique experience. It is a way to rejuvenate the burn out from the amounts content that comes out weekly. It was also a pleasant experience watching a live outside of Japan. The energy of Taiwanese LoveLivers are just as infectious as the Japanese LoveLivers.

Afternoon | Evening Program:

  1. Landing Action Yeah! (short ver.)
  2. MC 1 (Introductions)
  3. Aqours meeting! (Fan mail)
  4. Game 1
  5. Game 2
  6. Mirai no Bokura wa Shitteru yo (short ver.)
  7. Daydream Warrior
  8. MC 2
  9. HAPPY PARTY TRAIN | Koi ni Naritai Aquarium!
  10. Step! ZERO to ONE
  11. Aozora Jumping Heart
  13. MC 3
  14. Taiyou o Oikakero! | Sunshine Pikapika Ondo
  15. Landing Action Yeah!

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