Aqours 3rd Live Tour ~WONDERFUL STORIES~ Day 1 and Day 2 report

Event report by noshukanolife

Day 1 Report

Lovely sunny weather for a live. My seat for Day 1 was somewhere in the stands. It was pretty far back in the B stands, but the white screen was right in front of me so that’s all good. As always, I have my set of expectations for the event that I would be taking part of. Some of these are as follows: Shuka being full of energy and happiness,  Anchan to do the backflip for miracle wave, be able to see some carts pass-by stands A and B similar to the 2nd live, and finally to witness Koi Ni Naritai Aquarium live. Luckily 3rd Live delivered but there were also some other surprising moments especially since it was my first time in an Aqours Live in Japan. ID check is real as there were two police officers talking to the people seated on the stands that I was on. Thankfully, I was fairly late in entering the venue so I was still above the stands area looking for my correct entry spot, bird-eye viewing the police officers so I just took a walk around the venue and later came back to sit down.

Men in white. LL police spotted doing ID checks in the stand area.

In the spirit of camaraderie, I handed a few ultra oranges to my seatmates before the live started. Unfortunately, none of them used it so it was kind of a waste.

The live starts off with Mirai no Bokura wa Shitteru yo! Unlike the fan meeting song, this one is the full version. The crowd was already fairly hype in anticipation for Aqours so it was really loud on our stands. I joined in with the hype crowd but also partially reserving some energy and voice for the succeeding songs like Miracle Wave and Water Blue New World. The next song they performed was Kimi no Hitomi o Meguru Bouken. Admittedly, I’m not a big fan of this song, but I gradually warmed up to it. The dance moves for this song were interesting, highlights were probably Shuka and Arisha holding hands and King putting her arm around Furirin which elicited the reaction of the crowd. This was followed by the MC where Aqours introduced themselves. They did a “Tadaima” as well so the crowd did an “Okaeri” as a reply. Riko-chan beam also hurt Shuka (poor Shuka-chan). Suwawa hugged Anchan and so Anchan was extremely happy, giving out a big “YEAH!” remark. I believe there was a point when Anchan asked a question like who’s seeing Aqours in Mirai no Boku outfit for the first time. Quite a big number raised their penlights and so they did a 360° turn to show their outfits.

Next up, they performed My List. This song was really cutesy and fun. Everyone were doing cutesy faces and dancing around. Shuka pretty much had a lot of screen time in this song so I am very happy (c̶u̶t̶e̶s̶t̶ ̶m̶e̶m̶b̶e̶r̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶b̶u̶n̶c̶h̶ ̶m̶a̶k̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶c̶u̶t̶e̶s̶y̶ ̶f̶a̶c̶e̶s̶.̶ ̶F̶i̶g̶h̶t̶ ̶m̶e̶!̶). The song makes you feel warm and fluffy inside. Now after the cutesy song, the next song was MY Mai☆TONIGHT. This signaled the start of the explosive display of skill that the crowd will be witnessing later on. Since the live is now shifting gears, the crowd grew wilder. It was a hype song indeed and the performance of Aqours provided the same intensity. Honestly, I wasn’t disappointed that they didn’t have their costume for My MaiTonight as I was expecting to see it probably in the Fukuoka leg of the tour, but a few friends of mine were hoping that they would wear it on Saitama leg. The song was followed by Kimi No Kokoro wa Kagayaiteru kai? This song is a staple for most if not all Aqours lives which isn’t really a bad thing cause it just means we get to see Shuka do leap frog jumping over and over again. Some were worried for Shuka doing this kind of stunt, but I’m absolutely confident she will perform this with perfection and no hiccups or accidents every time. We had a break after this, but it was basically a PV leading to the next song Miracle Wave. Aqours members came out in their Miracle Wave outfit and as soon as the song played the crowd roared and penlights turned orange and UOs popping everywhere. All doubt and worries from the fans were washed away when Anchan nailed the backflip. I had to scream for Anchan at this point since it’s the Anchan show. After performing Miracle Wave, there was a brief MC where Anchan was talking about how relieved she felt after nailing the backflip. She even asked Suwawa how she did, and was replied by a warm hug.


Right after the MC, we now proceed to the solo songs. I admit I did not really do my homework and barely listened to any of the solo songs (except Pianoforte Monologue and Beginner’s Sailing). Anchan came out again and performed her solo song One More Sunshine Story. Not much to say anymore for this song as everyone was still harping and talking about the backflip at this point. It takes a while to digest what the crowd has witnessed a few minutes ago. If there’s one thing to note is that Anchan probably felt a lot of the pressure relieved from her after performing the Miracle Wave song so she was very happy and pleased with herself as she performed the solo song. Kinchan’s solo song, Oyasuminasan, came up next and she was moving around in the cart. If I recall right, the cart was moving around the arena area and not in the stands area but it was a change of pace from the usual stage walking and running about. In our stands area there were only a handful of Kinchan fans but I believe there were more Kinchan screams in the other areas. Right after this, the next song we had was white taco, (just kidding) In This Unstable World. Aikyan always sang well and this song was no exception. The crowd was wild for Aikyan which is to be expected because we’re now close to dinner time and white taco does seem to be interesting to eat. Moving on to the solo songs we have Pianoforte Monologue. This to me is actually a really, really good solo song. It feels like the Japanese twist of doing Vanessa Carlton kind of songs. I hoped that Rikyako would play the piano once again to shock the audience but alas we’re not having it this time. I gave my full support for her in this song as per request, but also due to the fact that it is probably one of my favorite solo songs. Right after we have an intermission, a short break to maybe drink up some water and rehydrate.

After the intermission, we now have Aqours coming out in their Koi Ni Naritai Aquarium outfit. They performed Sora mo Kokoro mo Hareru kara, but this time as a whole group. This is one of those songs that gives off sad feels (lovelive production crew, stop playing with our feelings). Right after this song they were at the center stage (circular area) which is where they performed Sky Journey. More feels are being fed to the crowd. I wished that I can see this one up close because Koi Ni Naritai Aquarium outfits are very well made with all those small glittery sequences. Finally, after Sky Journey performance, we have the moment everyone was waiting for (or the moment I was waiting for). I guess after the feels, we now go back to a crescendo of hype so we start it off with the song Koi Ni Naritai Aquarium. The whole Metlife Dome echoed with the calls and chants. Since this is a Shuka/You focused song I had to give it my all even if I am way back in the far stands. Intermission PV followed so it was a good time to wipe off sweat and go drink water or energy drink as some of the other fans did around my area.

The next song right after the PV was Awaken The Power. You can feel that the whole Metlife Dome was waiting in anticipation for this. The crowd turned their penlights pink, white and blue to somewhat recreate the Christmas colors present in the song. Saint Aqours Snow made their appearance and the song was lit.  They were in the center of the stage (circular area) so everyone could get a good view of their performance from all angles. Upon finishing the song, Aqours seiyuu made their exit to prepare for the succeeding songs leaving the MC part to Saint Snow. Both Asamin and Satohina did their call and responses and also made the Metlife Dome crowd wave their penlights and such for audience participation points.

Another intermission PV followed and Aqours comes out in their Water Blue New World costume to perform their song Water Blue New World (of course). Shuka really looks great in this outfit and plus points for the interesting hair ornament. They showed the audience how they tore off their skirts as part of the choreography. I only wished they did an intermission MC for this part or something of that sort to showcase their costumes as it was pretty impressive but I don’t think it was possible coming right off from the previous MC. Instead, we get another PV which led to the Aozora Jumping Heart song. Just like Koi Ni Naritai Aquarium, everyone knew this song well enough and started screaming out at the top of their lungs. The energy level of the crowd was definitely there even if it’s already going late. Following Aozora Jumping Heart was an MC of Aqours thanking the fans for their support and all that. But we all know at this point that it’s not yet over, until you see them in their Live T-shirts and school uniform skirts. Shuka pointed at the camera and smiled as she exited the stage.

Encore was granted as per request of the crowd. Aqours came out and performed Landing Action Yeah!! The crowd sang along with the lyrics that were presented on the big white screen. I sang along as well until the part of the song I can no longer read. This song was then followed by Yuuki Wa Doko Ni? Kimi No Mune Ni! The ending theme for season 2 anime episodes. I like this song since it has a catchy tune to it and it has a similar vibe to the previous two songs.

We now head to the true ending MC where they thank everyone for their participation and say a little words of appreciation to each other, the crowd and the security/production staff. Anchan hype was still there, or to be honest, maybe she gained a few thousand more fans thanks to her flawless performance. As for the announcements, you can check on Twitter for it. Finally, after all is said and done, the true last song of the live was Wonderful Stories. Both the fans, staff and the Aqours members were tired but that didn’t prevent any group from giving it their all for this last song.

Day 1 of the Aqours 3rd Live comes to a close, the members did their rounds thanking people from the left, right, center and main stage. But as Shuka puts it, it is only the beginning because Day 2 is right around the corner.

Day 1 Setlist:

  1. Opening
  2. Mirai no Bokura wa Shitteru yo(未来の僕らは知ってるよ) by Aqours
  3. Kimi no Hitomi o Meguru Bouken(君の瞳を巡る冒険) by Aqours
  4. MC
  5. “MY LIST” to you! by Aqours
  6. MY Mai☆TONIGHT(MY 舞☆TONIGHT) by Aqours
  7. Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayaiteru kai?(君のこころは輝いてるかい?) by Aqours
  8. MIRACLE WAVE by Aqours
  9. MC
  10. One More Sunshine Story by Chika Takami
  11. Oyasuminasan!(おやすみなさん!) by Hanamaru Kunikida
  12. In this unstable world by Yoshiko Tsushima
  13. Pianoforte Monologue by Riko Sakurauchi
  14. Sora mo Kokoro mo Hareru kara(空も心も晴れるから) All ver.
  15. SKY JOURNEY by Aqours
  16. Koi ni Naritai AQUARIUM(恋になりたいAQUARIUM) by Aqours
  17. Awaken the power by SaintAqoursSnow
  18. MC Saint Aqours Snow
  19. WATER BLUE NEW WORLD by Aqours
  20. Aozora Jumping Heart(青空Jumping Heart) by Aqours
  21. Encore
  22. Landing action Yeah!! by Aqours
  23. Yuuki wa doko ni? Kimi no Mune ni!(勇気はどこに?君の胸に!) by Aqours
  24. MC

Setlist from LLWikia

Day 2 Report


Day 2 starts off with lots of rain. Rain that’s pouring strong and it was pretty much never-ending.

God has granted my wishes. My seat for day 2 was an arena seat and it was extremely good. I never thought I would get a better seat than the previous Taiwan fanmeet, but here I am sitting at one of the best seats Metlife Dome has to offer. Seat is not perfect from all angles but it would be rude to complain knowing how the view from stands seat was yesterday. Had similar expectations for Day 2, but this time, I got a better view of the whole concert.

No scary policemen this time around in the arena seats but there were definitely more production staff and security personnel. I was feeling a little nervous about going about the live because I had a bunch of consumables with me, I could end up getting thrown out by all the straight faced looking security. Nonetheless I took my chances, and believed that my sincere support for Aqours will be convincing enough for security to bat an eye.

Just like the previous day, the Day 2 live starts off with Mirai no Bokura wa Shitteru yo! Aqours were all prepped and ready in their costume and proceeded to perform the song just as flawlessly as the first day. My arena area mates this time around had their full support for their favorite Aqours member right off the bat. They were screaming their names right as the song started playing. Kimi no Hitomi o Meguru Bouken was up next. Since I warmed up to this song yesterday, seeing it up close became a treat. After the two songs, we now proceed to the introduction MC where seiyuus introduce themselves. Since I was very near the stage this time around, I decided to use some UB (ultra blue) as Shuka introduces herself and does her call and response in the hopes of Shuka ever noticing that one fan. Arisha did a creepy face for her call and response to which the fans were like “こわいよ!”. We also did a “tricky” Kan-kan-mikan for Anchan’s call and response. After the MC, we proceed again with the same song from yesterday’s setlist. My List now goes on air. The song was mostly cute girls doing cutesy faces. The choreography was simple and I guess the main goal is to just be cute as possible. As with yesterday, focus and screen time went to Shuka which of course I have no complaints on. Seeing her up close making cute faces and smiles was extremely satisfying (I̶ ̶h̶o̶p̶e̶ ̶o̶n̶e̶ ̶d̶a̶y̶ ̶I̶ ̶g̶e̶t̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶s̶e̶e̶ ̶t̶h̶o̶s̶e̶ ̶s̶m̶i̶l̶e̶s̶ ̶e̶v̶e̶r̶y̶ ̶t̶i̶m̶e̶ ̶I̶ ̶w̶a̶k̶e̶ ̶u̶p̶).

As the song ended, we now go through the buildup for the Anchan moment.  MY Mai☆TONIGHT was next and the roars of the crowd were stronger this time, and there were fire. Fire in the hearts of the crowd, and real fire burning from the torches or burners along the stage. They already knew what was coming (at least for those fans who were present in Day 1). This crowd favorite song has a good balance of hype and calm to prepare Metlife Dome for the Anchan show. I now kind of felt sad they didn’t have their My MaiTonight costume ready since I was already up close and could see details of their costume easily. Nothing really changed in the first quarter of the setlist as the song Kimi No Kokoro wa Kagayaiteru kai? followed. I now had the privilege to see Shuka doing the leap frog jumping up close. In the most unfortunate moment or rather the downside of being at the side was that Arisha was rotating to her spot so her frilly skirt twirled and covered the view of Shuka doing the jump. Intermission PV followed in preparation for the big moment.

As the PV ended, we now get the most anticipated song for this live which is Miracle Wave. Similar to the first day, as soon as the song started playing, everyone changed their penlights into Mikan color or UOs in support of Anchan. Unfortunately the amount of overwhelming support was not enough, or maybe it was too much to handle, and so she was unable to successfully do the backflip and landed on her knees or inner thighs I think. After the song, the lights went out for a quick water break and freshening up for the Aqours members to prepare for the MC and intermission. From my seat, you could clearly see each members’ silhouette coming close to Anchan as the lights went out and they each gave her a hug because Anchan was doing a motion expressing “Sorry, I messed up guys”.  Hugging Anchan in the dark probably just means “it’s okay, all is well”. We’re all human beings, failure is unavoidable; it happens. The seiyuus are not just your 3D (2.5D) version of the character as they have real emotions too. Similar to personal expectations, I assume they also expect themselves to perform flawlessly so that they are able to give back to the numerous fans who support them. As they ready up back in line for the MC, Anchan was already upfront in saying her piece that can be summarized to sorry I let the fans and the members down. The Metlife Dome fans and the other members of Aqours just reassured Anchan that it was still a good performance and gave Anchan a round of applause.

After the MC and intermission, we get to see Beginner’s Sailing. Immediately everyone changed their penlights to the corresponding blue color. I honestly didn’t expect them to do the other half of the solo songs. I was thinking we would get to see the other half in the next leg but they did all the solo songs this Saitama leg (just split between the two days). Shuka was wearing a white dress with red and blue laces or ribbons floating around on her shoulders and a hat. The song started with her on the left side of the stage, then she proceeded to dance and run towards the right side of the stage for the next part of the song. After visiting the right side of the stage, she started walking towards the center and singing in the middle. Later she proceeded to go run around the circumference of the circular center stage. She gave our area a big smile while jumping. Being a few meters (maybe 3-5 meters) away from a smiling and jumping Shuka that’s facing your area is probably the best 3 seconds of the Day 2 live. I was really happy after that performance and still trying to make sense of what I just witnessed. Unfortunately, there’s not much time to reorient myself with the world. Furirin started the RED GEM WINK solo song in the carts moving around the stands. I was not sure whether or not I should look at the big white screen or follow the cart around rotating in a similar fashion. Seems like the people on my area decided to just follow the moving cart with their bodies and eyes so I did the same. I can’t really see much from where I am as the cart was moving around the stands, but do I really need to see anything else after the things I have witnessed a few moments ago. After the RED GEM WINK, Arisha appeared on the elevated stage platform and started performing the solo song WHITE FIRST LOVE. Arisha pulled off some confetti or pieces of silver tape and threw it around as she approached the vertical strip towards the circular center stage. Doing this gave off some fairy princess vibes I guess. The kind of stuff you probably see from Disney or Pixar. We then proceed to New Winding Road, where Ainya was singing. She was hitting the notes pretty well especially on the very long note of the song. So far so good for all the solo songs. Finally it’s Suwawa’s turn for Sakana Ka Nanda Ka? Her costume was some green one-piece dress with blue skirt. She also had a school of fish prop which she waved around. We move on to the intermission PV leading up to the same set of songs as yesterday’s setlist.

Similar to day 1, Aqours came out in their Koi Ni Naritai Aquarium outfit again to perform Sora mo Kokoro mo Hareru kara. The feels are just as strong as yesterday, maybe even more so as day 2 may have not been as flawless as the Aqours members expected. There was this bright stadium light located on the other side of the stadium that was always focused onto the center stage and as such, it was directed at us which kind of blinds everyone in my area. It was kind of unfortunate, but at the same time maybe that’s how it is to see your favorite seiyuu members up close in their shining glory.  Soon enough the next song on the list was Sky Journey. The stadium light was still focused onto our side so I had to look a little bit lower so as not to hurt my eyes. It was kind of sad that I could not have a good view of their dance moves even if I was 3-5 meters away (thanks stadium light). The next song after Sky Journey was Koi Ni Naritai Aquarium. So Koi Ni Naritai Aquarium was even more hype this time around as I was surrounded by other Shuka/You fans. Shuka sang her solo parts pretty well as compared to the second live. She usually goes off note on the solo part of the song because she’s excited or too happy. Admittedly, singing is probably not one of Shuka’s best skills, but she has grown to improve her singing which is evidently noticed during this third live through her solo song Beginner’s Sailing and other solo parts. After Koi Ni Naritai Aquarium, an intermission PV played leading to Awaken The Power.

The song started off with a blast. The crowd was ready and waiting for this song of the combined members of Saint Snow and Aqours, just as we were hyped for Anchan and Miracle Wave. The members of Saint Aqours Snow matched the level of energy of their fans and definitely gave it their all. As the crowd went wild, so did their performance. Truly a display of awakening the power. The same or a similar MC followed and intermission PV as Aqours take their exit to prepare for Water Blue New World.

After the PV, Aqours comes back on stage for Water Blue New World. The highlight of this song was definitely Shuka being really cute in the outfit, Shuka’s hair ornament and Shuka’s smile (S̶h̶u̶k̶a̶’̶s̶ ̶s̶m̶i̶l̶e̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶d̶i̶d̶ ̶I̶ ̶s̶a̶y̶ ̶S̶h̶u̶k̶a̶’̶s̶ ̶s̶m̶i̶l̶e̶?̶) Jokes aside, the highlights for this song are the following: the really nice outfit and hair ornaments of the members, some members tearing off their skirt like yesterday, and falling feathers floating around in the dome. Unfortunately, the feathers did not fall onto our area, so I didn’t get any. Following the successful performance of the song Water Blue New World, we now have an intermission PV going into another crowd favorite song, Aozora Jumping Heart. As always this song is hype, and the energy levels of the crowd at Metlife Dome was still on full power. After the song, we have a short thank you from the Aqours members, and they proceed to exit the stage and prepare for the encore.

Hyper Fabulous Ultimate Jumbo Nesoberi EX!

Encore started with Landing Action Yeah!! They went around the arena in their carts again waving at the crowd. Right after that we get the season 2 ending theme which was Yuuki Wa Doko Ni? Kimi No Mune Ni! I’ve mentioned that I liked this song, actually both ending songs for season 1 and season 2 anime were good. After performing these two songs, we now get the final MC. Anchan was waiting for the bell to chime. She predicted it to ring for the Hop! Step! and Jump! Project announcements. Again, you can check Twitter and the Lovelive page for more information regarding the announcements that were released in the third live at Saitama. Final words of thanks and message from each of the Aqours members were given out and that meant that the end of the concert is now drawing near. The final song for third live day 2 is no other than Wonderful Stories. Since this is the last song for the Saitama leg, Aqours gave it their all for everyone to enjoy. I went all the way to scream for Shuka not just for myself but for all the other fans of Shuka who could not make it to the venue.

After the last song, Aqours members made their rounds thanking the fans from left corner of the stage to the right. Then Shuka and Aikyan ran towards the center stage together (jimo ai) while the other members soon followed. After giving their final thanks, the Saitama leg of the concert slowly closes its curtain. The concert live is officially over and it’s time for everyone to leave, go home, take a bath (as reminded by our caring Shukashuu), and relax.

Day 2 Setlist:

  1. Opening
  2. Mirai no Bokura wa Shitteru yo(未来の僕らは知ってるよ) by Aqours
  3. Kimi no Hitomi o Meguru Bouken(君の瞳を巡る冒険) by Aqours
  4. MC
  5. “MY LIST” to you! by Aqours
  6. MY Mai☆TONIGHT(MY 舞☆TONIGHT) by Aqours
  7. Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayaiteru kai?(君のこころは輝いてるかい?) by Aqours
  8. MIRACLE WAVE by Aqours
  9. MC
  10. Beginner’s Sailing by You Watanabe
  11. RED GEM WINK by Ruby Kurosawa
  12. WHITE FIRST LOVE by Dia Kurosawa
  13. New winding road by Mari Ohara
  14. Sakana ka Nanda ka?(さかなかなんだか?) by Kanan Matsuura
  15. Sora mo Kokoro mo Hareru kara(空も心も晴れるから) All ver.
  16. SKY JOURNEY by Aqours
  17. Koi ni Naritai AQUARIUM(恋になりたいAQUARIUM) by Aqours
  18. Awaken the power by SaintAqoursSnow
  19. MC SaintAqoursSnow
  20. WATER BLUE NEW WORLD by Aqours
  21. Aozora Jumping Heart(青空Jumping Heart) by Aqours
  22. Encore
  23. Landing action Yeah!! by Aqours
  24. Yuuki wa doko ni? Kimi no Mune ni!(勇気はどこに?君の胸に!) by Aqours
  25. MC

Setlist from LLWikia

I am really happy and totally satisfied that I went to this live to see Aqours once again. Despite the bad weather that day making it difficult for everyone, fortune may been smiling upon me.

As I get back home to return to the ordinary life, I will bring with me the experience of the warm smiles and wholehearted performances of our lovely Aqours cast to share with everyone.

If you are still reading after this point, Thank you for taking time to read a few pages full of wonderful stories that is Aqours 3rd Live in Saitama.

以上 noshukanolife でした!

Short Event Report: Aqours in Anisama 2017

3 months in and I still haven’t done my event report last Anisama lol.

So last night, NHK BS aired the TV digest of Anisama Day 1 in which Aqours participated in. As I watched snippets of the event already uploaded here in FB and Youtube, feels from my first overseas event flowed back into me. Today was the perfect time to write that overdue event report. Well, a short one specifically for Aqours in the mean time.

The setlist that Aqours sang in Anisama was:
1. Aozora Jumping Heart
2. Happy Party Train
3. Koi ni Naritai Aquarium
4. Yume Kataru Yori Yume Utaou TV size

Before Aozora started, they showed the usual character video they show on short lives (the one with the Aqours Super Live). I believe they also used that video for Aniupa and AWM. Most of the audience changed their colors accordingly to characters that appeared on screen. I did the same and shouted the character and seiyuu’s name. (Emphasis on Ainya)

They did a pose and turned their backs. I immediately knew the song…

1. Aozora Jumping Heart
Aozora as the opening song was pretty standard. What I noticed immediately was they were wearing their HPT costumes. At that point I knew they’re gonna sing HPT. (Thinking of another song in the middle of a song. Such a bad person w) I considered myself lucky since it was a tour exclusive song and they sang it at Anisama.

– MC –
They did the usual greeting and the 「Aqoursです!」There was no call and response though. Each member did a compact introduction of themselves. The audience simply changed colors and shouted each member’s respective name as a response. Anchan’s part was pretty memorable. A few of her fans not only broke UOs but even did UO balrog (4 UOs on each hand) on her introduction.

2. Happy Party Train
I spent most of the time thinking whether if people will do the color changes for each solo line but people didn’t. I guess if a song is character-centric, people would simply switch to the color of whoever is in the center like how it was in µ ‘s.

This time it’s quite noticeable that Aqours has indeed improved in their dancing skills. Also Suwawa can easily kill you with her winks.

Each member’s solo line was a treat to listen to. Kinda anticipated Kanan’s solo because the HPT costumes glow on that part. The staged dimmed and it was clearly visible even from my seat. I expected people to break Ultra Greens but they broke UOs instead. Aikyan’s and King’s harmony at the end was pretty good.

They did a quick MC afterwards. They said the next song is their last song.

Photo originally from Anisama twitter account.

3. Koi ni Naritai Aquarium
Do I even need to explain this lol? For the record, I simply did the standard calls. The not-so-standard ones, just inside my head.

Broke 1 UO on the sunset part then switched to light blue on Yousolo. Other people broke UOs instead.

4. Yume Kataru Yori Yume Utaou TV size
They brought out pompoms on this song. No actual choreo from what I remember. I wanted to break UOs on this one but it was the TV size! orz
They waved goodbye to the audience afterwards and descended on the platform on the middle. Shouted Ainya’s name all throughout.


Looking back: Cosplay Mania Day 1 – Riho Iida and the PH Community

This post was originally posted in last November 4, 2016

First of all let me go back a bit, to April of this year. FLOW just finished their breathtaking full set performance. This made me look forward to the rest of the conventions for the latter half of the year. I was already anticipating which guests would be invited for Cosplay Mania Jam since they were able to show potential when Pile came over last year.
Cosplay Mania 2016. Cosplay Mania x I love Anisong


Fast forward to July,  thus the announcement, Cosplay Mania x I love Anison. This made people so hyped cause it meant a large pool of possible artists for the event. Yet the announcement must be taken with a grain of salt since this partnership is a sign of testing the waters, whether the Philippines is a viable market for Japanese concerts or not. A responsibility rested on the shoulders and wallets of the fans if they wanted more artists to come in the future.

Rippi’s flasta. The color theme was based on the jacket of her 2nd album.

A few months before the event, the community, spearheaded by several people and Riho Iida Philippines, began to make preparations. Button pins and Call books were produced and freely distributed to people attending the concert. Flowerstands were also presented to Riho Iida and Starmarie, which was completely crowdfunded through donations. T-shirts were also printed and worn exclusively by Riho Iida PH members. A huge tarpaulin was also printed, which can be seen near the end of the blog.

Callbooks were freely distributed online. Hard copies were given away at the Onegai Onii-chan Booth.

Sad to say, even with thorough planning, there were some disappointments and minor hitches that happened, especially with the Meet and Greet process. I’m no longer detailing on what transpired regarding the process since I want to make this blog as positive as I could. All I can say is, the organizers shouldn’t let the crowd run like that. Safety should always be first.

Nevertheless, the meet and greet did bear positive effects, especially to those who ran as fast as they could. All efforts previously mentioned above was duly noticed by Rippi, all thanks to the Kaigai eventers that were overheard by Rippi’s staff talking about the huge tarpaulin.



It is my first time in Manila.
I was surprised that a lot of fans here were waiting for me.

Thank you,  I had a great time. ~ ☆☆

The concert itself is an experience to remember. The crowd has definitely upped their game this year. Almost everyone in the VIP section has a Kingblade and knows the chants to Rippi’s songs. It felt like everybody has thoroughly studied the call guide and knew exactly what they should do.

Near the end of the concert, Rippi said a short message that was translated by an interpreter. She apologized because she was not able to go to the Philippines sooner. She also said that she really had fun here and doesn’t even want to return back (to Japan) (帰りたくない). Sadly, we all know that it wasn’t quite possible but the emotion behind her words can be felt, that they were spoken from the heart.

The fan-driven effort was really amazing to witness. The community was able to make Rippi special and the staff were even impressed by the effort. Not to mention, kudos to the effort of for making Rippi’s short stay in Philippines a memorable one.

For an event that I looked forward to for almost 6 months, the wait was worth it.

Looking toward to better and improved conventions for next year.

Rippi setlist:

  1. Kataomoi Sekkin
  2. Sirius
  3. Heartache = Koi to Yokan

Encore: Hajimaritai Kanon